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Client: OEM -Agriculture Industry

Topic: Addition of mid volume parts manufacturing by lowering the number of operations from 7 to 3


Our client:

Needed to reduce the amount of time it took to produce, inspect, and deliver individual component parts; reduce the number of steps it took to produce the part; reduce number of defects; reduce the cost of the part.

Selected GEM because of our ability to work with them to find solutions to their technology, process, quality, costs, and inventory needs

The challenges facing GEM included:

  • Hard Turn Machining for Hardened Alloy Bar with HRC 35+.
  • Maintaining quality standards with new processes that client had come to expect from us.
  • Develop an inventory pull system to meet customer’s uneven demand requirements month to month.

The actions we took to address these challenges included:

  • Purchased Hardened Alloy Steel Bar to remove the HT step during machining
  • Added non-traditional processes by incorporating the parts on a multi axis lathe to lower the number of operations.
  • Worked closely with our supply base on tooling technologies to hold finishes to meet the print
  • Worked with supply base on an inventory program at supplier for various sized bar conversions
  • Removed extra milling operation to thread mill ID and placed in machining cycle in multi-axis lathe.
  • Incorporated Manual Saw Operation in cycle of Turning Center.

Our actions resulted in:

  • Lowered the piece price by 30%,
  • Added in Kanban inventory system to smooth out the spikes in our customer’s demand.
  • Improved part quality over previous supplier

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