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In the custom components industry, GEM’s capabilities are a cut above. Our management and supervisory teams have logged over 100 years of hands-on experience.

The bottom line – Better engineering. Better quality. Better value.

Your order begins at a pre-production and engineering meeting. GEM’s engineers and production team review your prints and decide on the most efficient process for production.

Next, our engineering department issues process prints and documents that highlight details important to each machinist. These drawings clarify specifications, conversions, and highlight critical dimensions. This extra step diminishes any potential for operator error as the part moves through production.

In addition, our pre-engineering strengthens the integrity of each part’s critical dimensions in a second way – by anticipating distortions and preventing them. Processes, such as heat treating or plating, may affect material sizes. To offset a variance or expansion, our process documents may tighten parameters on a first operation to allow for variances on a second. Our planning assures that your finished part or assembly conforms exactly to print specifications.

Continuous Improvement
Innovation is at the forefront of our core values. We have an unwavering focus on improvement and optimizing value in every area of our business. Customers associate our name with unparalleled quality, solution creation and exceeding expectations. We are motivated by a passion to achieve peak technical performance and deliver exceptional value to our customers. Expect nothing less.

Our culture is grounded on continuous improvement principles. Individuals are driven to save time, lower cost, reduce waste, and improve quality throughout all operations.

Our formal CI program was developed to benefit customers by improving costs, quality, and speed to market; we pass significant savings onto our customers as we develop these efficiencies. Our Coordinator of Continuous Improvement and support staff employs the following Lean and Six Sigma techniques and tools throughout operations: value stream, kaizen events, 5S, practical problem solving, set-up reduction, continuous improvement training, total productive maintenance, design of experiments, process characterization, pareto charts, and histograms. We are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant.

Finishing and Assembly
GEM provides a wide breadth of contract manufacturing services to meet complex product needs and regulatory requirements. From part marking, final cleaning, assembly, and product packaging, we have you covered.

Our parts cleaning department is highly regarded in the industry – with leading edge technology at the forefront of our operations. Our facility boasts two washing stations, and deburring. All within a temperature-controlled environment.

When partnering with GEM, you can trust that quality is at the top of our list.